This is a hodge-podge collection of shit I reblog. Fandoms galore. Sometimes the tags are entertaining. Sometimes maybe not so much.

Real talk time, I will be flailing over my ships about 99% of the time, so just be prepared for that. You have been warned.


It’s impossible not to love you and respect you as a man. As a beautiful human being. You have the world at your feet and you are always kind and humble. Is there any way to not love you with everything you are? No. It’s really impossible. Thomas William Hiddleston, you deserve all the love in the world. BLESS YOU.

Many celebrities need to learn with this man. He’s so clever, so humble and so incredibly talented. He sings, he speaks Spanish, Greek, French and he has an amazing vocabulary. He’s always respectful with his fans. He was able to make the entire world love a villain because of him. I’ve never seen an artist like him. Never. I can say with all my heart: I am very proud to be his fan.