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Real talk time, I will be flailing over my ships about 99% of the time, so just be prepared for that. You have been warned.



save crowley from being a demon?

haha fuck that.

i wanna see him gutted. i want him chained down with fear in his eyes knowing he can’t get away while abaddon slices him from neck to belly. i want him killed by one he “rules.”

i wanna see the king die on a rusty throne.

“the king is dead. long live the queen.”

(Source: mccallsunshine-archive)


the one scene in supernatural that would complete my life

crowley gets in a car

queen is playing

he fumbles and takes the tape out and tosses it out the window

“always bloody queen”


Crowley’s pinwheel just

why does he have it

  • how
  1. why
  1. who gave it to him
  2. does he just stow it in his suit for when he’s bored



Crowley is the smart-arse at the back of the classroom that insults everybody but gets away with it because he gets good marks.